Concept - CDCIR

Dual Channel IR Headphones

Compatible with all in-vehicle audio/video applications using wireless IR!


- Dual-source with adjustable headband
- Wired or wireless dual operation capability
- Opaque styling, IR-transparent ABS plastic housing
- Receivers with 270-degree capture of IR signal within 10 ft.
- Closed ear, foam-padded earpieces for superior comfort, sound isolation and noise cancellation
- On/Off button with red LED status light
- Auto off
- A/B source selector switch for dual IR
- Channel A: 2.8 MHz (R), 2.3 MHz (L)
- Channel B: 3.8 MHz (R), 3.2 MHz (L)
- Frequency response: 30 Hz-20 kHz
- Impedance: 32 ohm

Available in:
Colour: Black

MSRP: $39.99 CAD

Dual Channel IR Headphones

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