Sanus - VLC1

Curved TV Mount


The SANUS model VLC1 Swivel Mount was designed specifically for use with today's curved TVs. This mount was engineered with 10 degrees of swivel left and right of center, the ideal viewing range is increased by 20 degrees compared to having a curved TV on a stand.

By mounting your curved TV, you can make more than just one seat in your room the perfect seat to get the immersive curved TV experience. It is imperative to view a curved TV in the 'sweet spot', right in the center of your TV - and this mount allows you to swivel your TV to get that sweet spot view in any seat in the room.

The VLC1 is safety-tested, UL Certified and fits TVs 40" - 88" and up to 150 lbs. The VLC1's open wall plate design allows you to easily route cables behind your TV and accommodate a standard size electrical outlet. After installation, the VLC1 allows tool-less height, level and side-to-side adjustments for perfect TV placement.

Conceal unsightly cables, easily adjust your TV without tools, enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch, swivel your TV left and right for the perfect view and secure the TV into place.


Product Width: 30.00" / 76.20cm
Product Height: 20.00" / 50.80cm
Product Depth: 2.68" / 6.81cm
Product Weight: 11.10lbs / 5.03kg
Package Width: 18.50" / 46.99cm
Package Height: 3.65" / 9.27cm
Package Depth: 32.67" / 82.98cm
Package Weight: 15lbs / 6.80kg
TV Size Range: 40" - 88" / 101.60cm - 223.52cm
Maximum TV Weight: 150lbs / 68.04kg
Roll: 3 degrees / -3 degrees
Swivel:10 degrees / -10 degrees

MSRP: $199.99 CAD

Curved TV Mount

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