Logitech - TK820

Wireless all in one Keyboard

A Wireless All-in-One Keyboard that lets you type and swipe comfortably. You can start typing on the keyboard, and then effortlessly switch to pointing, zooming and swiping on the built-in touchpad. With its ultra-slim, space-saving design, he TK820 is designed to look good and reduce clutter.

Large touch area with integrated click:
The large touchpad gives your fingers plenty of room to perform multi-touch gestures like pinch, zoom or swipe. It also allows you to control your cursor more precisely. There are no external buttons. Instead, the entire touchpad surface is a button. To left click, tap or click in the middle of the touchpad. To right click, tap or click in the lower-right corner of the touchpad.

Incurve keys:
Logitech Incurve keys match the natural profile of your fingertips. Each concave key surface has softly rounded edges to help your fingers glide across the keyboard. Typing feels fluid and comfortable, hour after hour.

Customizable software and hot keys:
Personalize your experience. Logitech SetPoint software lets you customize the settings of the keyboard and touchpad to make typing and swiping more tailored to you.

Unifying receiver with Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless:
Type with the keyboard in front of your computer or even on your lap. A tiny Unifying receiver wirelessly connects the keyboard to your computer - just plug it in and start typing and swiping. The connection is robust and reliable, so you can place the keyboard in the most convenient position for you, and still enjoy fast data transmission with virtually no delays or dropouts.

MSRP: $99.99 CAD

Wireless all in one Keyboard

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