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Key-Fob and Smart-Key control membrane

The KEY-SMART is a thin control membrane that is inserted between the batteries in an OEM key-fob or smart-key which allows a remote-starter to control its RF transmission.

The KEY-SMART consists of two conductive layers separated by an insulating layer with two wires which are connected to an external relay or after-market device where continuity is controlled by an after-market remote-starter.
Controlling the continuity allows the remote-starter to control the Key-Fob or Smart-Keys power circuit which effectively controls its RF transmission.

Installation only takes a few seconds and does not require any modification or soldering within the key-fob/smart-key allowing it to be returned to its original condition and allowing the membrane to be re-used several times.

Compatible with 12 vehicles, 4 models, and 2 makes.

MSRP: $13.90 CAD

Key-Fob and Smart-Key control membrane

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