Sanus - ELM701

Anti-Tip Strap

Reduces the risk of TVs or furniture accidentally tipping.

Prevents TVs and furniture from accidental tipping.
Universal design supports TVs up to 70".
All hardware for TV, furniture and wall mounting included.
Strap has a secure connection, which provides safety and durability.

The SANUS ELM701 anti-tip strap connects to TV, furniture and wall to reduce the risk of TVs or furniture accidentally tipping, creating a safe environment in any room. The ELM701 offers a secure connection that provides additional safety and durability. All hardware necessary for TV, furniture and wall mounting is included, making installation as easy as possible. With its universal design, the anti-tip strap can support TVs up to 70".


Package Width:
7.09" / 18.01 cm
Package Height:
11.73" / 29.79 cm
Package Depth:
1.85" / 4.7 cm
Package Weight:
1.37 lb / 0.62 kg
Product Width:
3.00" / 7.62 cm
Product Height:
56.00" / 142.24 cm
Product Depth:
1.00" / 2.54 cm

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Available in:
Colour: Black

MSRP: $19.99 CAD

Anti-Tip Strap

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